Achieve it All: Impact the Actions of Others while Maintaining Relationships

This brief, focused course was created for you as a leader to familiarize yourself with the nine influencing strategies and understand how, when, and why to use each.

We encourage you to go through this course to learn how to intentionally choose your methods - from general to targeted and from emotional to rational - and to drive powerful results and preserve your relationships.

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What's Included

  • 4 foundational points of influence
  • 9 strategies you need to know to manage your results while keeping your relationships intact
  • 2 factors you need to know about identifying your preferred methods and broadening your approach
  • Video learning session taught by Danessa Knaupp, recognized leadership expert, elite executive coach, CEO and founder of Avenue 8 Advisors, keynote speaker and author
  • Downloadable PDF of key takeaways
  • Additional resources, including slideshow with note-taking space, video transcript, and more


Will I be able to fit this into my day?

The courses are bite-size pieces tailored to work into your full days. They can be completed self-paced on your timing.

What if I need more time?

Courses are on-demand so they are convenient for your schedule; you can pause and return as needed.

Is this the same as having a private executive coach?

While nothing can replace the personalized support of ongoing private coaching sessions, the courses cover the same type of information as our executive level workshops. The topics are applicable to all levels of leadership.


Can the courses be used as a training tool for an entire team?

These classes can be taken by individuals, or you can contact us to create a group-enrollment package for your entire team to learn together.

Biography of Danessa Knaupp CEO and founder of Avenue 8 Advisors

Danessa Knaupp

Avenue 8 Advisors' CEO Founder

and Course Facilitator

Danessa is a CEO, executive coach, and best-selling author shifting the global conversation on leadership. She has coached hundreds of executives across every major industry and has developed a reputation as a candid, compassionate and courageous leadership partner. She is the author of the best-selling leadership manual, Naked at Work: A Leader’s Guide to Fearless Authenticity and regularly addresses C-suite audiences on how to harness the power of real authenticity (not #authenticity) to drive measurable business results.

Known for her unique ability to drive new levels of engagement and performance with key leaders, Danessa is a fresh, positive voice on leadership and executive team effectiveness. She has coached CEOs, boards, and C-suite teams on issues related to leadership effectiveness, succession planning, M&A integration, and conflict intervention. Her clients have included Anthem, BMW, AmerisourceBergen, Capital One, Comcast, Genworth, Hilton, KPMG, Mastercard, and more.

Danessa earned her executive coaching credentials from Georgetown University, and a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the College of William and Mary. She spent more than 20 years as an entrepreneur and a senior executive and ultimately, CEO.

What Clients Say About Our Work

“Most often, my experience at workshops and similar events is that the content doesn’t make sense to me or isn’t delivered in a way that I can readily consume. Your content and delivery always land with me.”

Trey Hayden | CEO, CodeBlue Technology


"I enjoyed the presentation and content, and can immediately use this information to begin to implement change."

Session Attendee


"I value Danessa as I plan extra-curricular programming for our MBAs. Her program content is relevant and her engaging presentation style leaves participants wanting more. Students rave about her amazing energy, skill at leading tough and important conversations, and her ability to take an abstract topic and make it actionable."

Debbie Fisher | Associate Director, The Richmond MBA Robins School of Business

Client Testimonials for Avenue 8 Advisors

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